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Real name: Matthias Meßmer
Real name: Matthias Meßmer
=edu.kde.org website=
* [[Projects/Edu]]
===Users Stories===
==My Templates==
Vox Humanitatis
Homepage of the Project: http://www.voxhumanitatis.org
* [[Template:EduAppCell]]
===Project's History===
How did it start?
The KDE-Edu project was started in July 2001. The goal of the project is to develop Free Educational Software (GPL licence) within the KDE environment. This software is mainly aimed to schools, to students and to parents at home as well as to adults willing to extend their knowledge.
A new KDE module was created, the kdeedu module. The applications in that module are fully KDE compatible (use of KMainWindow, XML GUI, ...) and get a proper documentation handbook in docbook format. Thus, all applications interfaces and documentation are translated in more than 65 languages, via the l10n KDE teams.
The kdeedu module joined the KDE 3.0 official release.

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Real name: Matthias Meßmer


My Templates


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