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I am currently using this page as a notepad for Bugsquad/BugDays/KonquerorDay2 Not reproducible for me with KDE4 trunk r798847. It was claimed to be a duplicate of 133680, which was fixied by Maksim Orlovich on 2006-10-14 16:58, SVN commit 595505. However, the reporter and a second user claimed that 143719 was not solved in 3.5.6 (released January 2007). Not reproducible for me with KDE4 trunk r798847. I could not triage this bug since the website is in Hungarian and the login given in the bugreport is not valid any more. I tried to set up a new account, but failed utterly. The link that was given in the bug report does not work any more on OpenID. The new page (which requires loggin in) is: This new page does not trigger a crash with KDE4 trunk r798847, but the creation of new certificates does not work with Konqui (it does work with Firefox, though). The OpenID website states: "An error occurred while processing your request: Your browser did not send us a valid certificate request." So, as Maksim stated in May 2007, no crash, but no certificate generation. +TESTCASE As reported for 3.5.6, Konqui from KDE4 trunk r79884 still does not show the input box, Firefox and Opera do. As reported for 3.5.6, for Konqui from KDE4 trunk r79884, too, the __doPostBack() functions on the folders in the "organize" view do nothing. Also, Konqui reports a Java Script error: "Error: TypeError: Undefined value" +TESTCASE Cannot reproduce the error with Konqui from KDE4 trunk r79884. +TESTCASE With Konqui from KDE4 trunk r798847, none of the continue buttons are displayed, neither the webpage's nor the testcase's button. Firefox and Opera work. I cannot confirm this with Konqui from KDE4 trunk r798847. No significant difference in CPU usage compared to Firefox. The last reporter claimed this was fixed for 3.5.8 already. I also cannot reproduce it with Konqui from KDE4 trunk r798847. I can confirm this bug with Konqui from KDE4 trunk r798847. The webpage appears to work well at first, but the images are not shown. (Well, they are in fact shown, but only for an instance before they are replaced with the small generic placeholders the reporter showed in this screenshot:

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