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Jump to: navigation, search Not reproducible for me with KDE4 trunk r798847. It was claimed to be a duplicate of 133680, which was fixied by Maksim Orlovich on 2006-10-14 16:58, SVN commit 595505. However, the reporter and a second user claimed that 143719 was not solved in 3.5.6 (released January 2007). Not reproducible for me with KDE4 trunk r798847. I could not triage this bug since the website is in Hungarian and the login given in the bugreport is not valid any more. I tried to set up a new account, but failed utterly. The link that was given in the bug report does not work any more on OpenID. The new page (which requires loggin in) is: This new page does not trigger a crash with KDE4 trunk r798847, but the creation of new certificates does not work with Konqui (it does work with Firefox, though). The OpenID website states: "An error occurred while processing your request: Your browser did not send us a valid certificate request." So, as Maksim stated in May 2007, no crash, but no certificate generation.

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