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Greetings from Tauberbischofsheim and

Managing announcements for KDE releases

  • Ask promo people about the status of announcement 14 (at least 10) days before release
  • Start bothering the promo people 7 days before release to get some time for all our translators ;-)
  • As soon as Sebas says it is ready you can send out message to translator list
btw. where to put the list? Right now I keep on my PC
  • Whenever a translation arrives at your inbox please add it to SVN and maintain language bar.
  • Remove "exit();" statement in each file on release day

Locations to know:

Hints for promo people:

  • Please give translators a chance to have translations done on release day
  • Do not change english announcement after it was sent to translator. Fixing typo is not the point here :-)

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