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The Bugsquad LiveDVD is basically just a simple live i385 GNU/Linux mini-distribution containing most of what is going to be KDE 4.1. I'm planning on releasing it prior to each of the KDE Bugsquad's triaging and krush events so people can take part in those events without having to download and compile themselves.

It consists of:

  • Debian Sid as the base
  • parts of KDE 3.5.9, eg.
    • kdebase (kdesktop, kicker, konqueror)
    • kmail
    • knetworkmanager
  • Amarok
  • Iceweasel (aka Mozilla Firefox)
  • major parts of a current KDE4 snapshot (currently r811964), with the exception of:
    • kdeaccessibility
    • kdeadmin
    • kdeartwork
    • kdebindings
    • kdesdk
    • kdevelop
    • kdevplatform
    • kdewebdev


You can download the ISO from here: torrent (919.4MB).

When you've finished downloading, please consider seeding it. Like that others will have a chance to download it quickly as well.



The DVD ran on anything I tried on so I hope it runs on your PC as well. To use it just burn it to a DVD (or a CD if you find one big enough to fit it :-) or load it using your favourite virtual machine.

Boot switches

The DVD uses SYSLINUX and Debian's live-initramfs. The most common switches to use at the SYSLINUX prompt are:

switch parameter (default) use to
keyb=KEYBOARD countrycode (us) set your keyboard layout
locale=LOCALE locale (en_US.UTF-8) set your locale
toram copy the whole DVD's contents to RAM. Use only if you really have a LOT of it.
xdebconf try a different method of determining your graphics card
debug debug the live-boot process (see /var/log/live.log in the booted live system)
You can find out more about this and some additional switches by running
$ man live-initramfs

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