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Harry, Froglogic
Harry, Froglogic
Rob, Collabora
Rob, Collabora
Mark Taylor, Sirius
Ingwa & Boud, KO GMBH
Ingwa & Boud, KO GMBH

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[edit] KDE Companies

[edit] Who?

Kalle, KDAB Eva, Basyskom Staikos, Staikos Harry, Froglogic Rob, Collabora Mark Taylor, Sirius Ingwa & Boud, KO GMBH

[edit] Questions

[edit] How did you first get involved with KDE?

[edit] What have been some of your personal contributions to KDE?

[edit] What does your company do?

[edit] What links does your company have with KDE?

[edit] How did you start your company?

[edit] What changes in KDE would help the commercial ecosystem?

[edit] How many of your employees have been involved with kde at some point?

[edit] How did working on KDE prepare you for the business world?

[edit] How does your company contribute to KDE?

[edit] What is the most surprising thing that you have learned since starting a business?

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