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[22:44] <grundleborg> winterz: we can get quite a lot of manpower, as long as coding skills aren't required
[22:44] <winterz> +grundleborg: yes.  I'd like to see a kdepim regression testing
[22:44] <winterz> +grundleborg: basically, see what worked in 3.5.9 but doesn't in 4.x
[22:45] <winterz> +grundleborg: and bug squashing would be nice too
[22:45] <winterz> +grundleborg: we have a severe lack of bug reports for the devel version.. and I can't believe we are doing that well :)
[22:45] <grundleborg> winterz: it sounds like you need something a bit more urgent than bugzilla triage at the moment though... but just regression testing sounds feasable
[22:46] <winterz> +grundleborg: that would be great
[22:46] <vkrause> +winterz: btw, if you are aware of critical bugs in primary applications, please let till, ervin, me or anyone else of kdab know, we need to fix those anyway
[22:46] <winterz> +vkrause,grundleborg: we have a list of regressions on techbase.
[22:46] <winterz> +that list needs to be updated
[22:47] <grundleborg> winterz: ok, so the idea is to just get people to try and trigger bugs in the various apps, and then stick them in bugzilla against "SVN" version of the app?
[22:48] <winterz> +the url is ...http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/KDE_4-related_bugs
[22:48] <winterz> +grundleborg: yep. either that or maybe put them on the techbase page.  sorta like we did for the kde4 krush days
[22:49] <grundleborg> oh OK, that'll be much more efficient
[22:49] <winterz> +yea, I like that idea
[22:49] <grundleborg> winterz: if you have any tips/advice about how to do this kind of testing, it would be very useful :)
[22:50] <winterz> +grundleborg: that's part of the problem.  few people have access to a kolab or groupware resource.  for example.
[22:51] <vkrause> +winterz: the still open stuff on that lists doesn't look too critical to me, ie. not affecting the basic functionality in most cases, still anoying though, sure
[22:52] <winterz> +gotta go for a bit. be back pretty soon
[22:52] <grundleborg> winterz: we can probably schedule a day on this for 2.5 weeks time, does that sound OK?

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