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Email to kde-devel AT kde DOT blaa

Have you been saying, "I'd really like to help out KDE, I just don't know how to program"? Well there is something you can do! You want to help find bugs!

Announcing a Bug Triage Day! On ---- at --- UTC, (which is --- in Tokyo), we will go looking for bugs in Konqueror.

Why? In some ways doing this for KHTML is easy. You know what websites ought to look like. You don't need to know arcane terminology involving widgets or bread crumbs to write a good bug report. You don't need to know any programming, although knowing more about HTML/CSS/JavaScript/etc. will be useful for some things.

What do you need? Any version of 4.0.x or SVN trunk. Using trunk is not essential in this case. (Again, easy!)

Who do we really want? People who speak non-Western languages. It is ok if your English isn't very good. It is probably better than our knowledge of your language! We won't make fun of you, and we need you to help make testcases!

What will you do? Verify that a bug still exists, and see if you can reproduce it. Then depending on how much you know, try to make a test case. We'll double check each other, so you don't have to worry about messing up.

Find more general bug-quashing information at --- Find bug triage day details at --- Visit us at #kde-bugs

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