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The KDE Financial project aims at grouping all financial applications inside KDE. Currently, it consists of

  • KMyMoney : A personal finances manager
  • Skrooge : Another personal finances manager
  • Kraft : A tool that helps to create business communication documents like offers and invoices.

Common Activities

Icon set definition

With the recent addition of the KDE Financial project to KDE, we need to build an oxygen icon set that will be used by all financial applications. This section aims at defining those icons before asking to the oxygen team

IconNameshort descriptionUsed in SkroogeUsed in KMyMoneyUsed in Kraft
Account An account in the sense of a Bank Account. This is not the same as an account in the accountancy. X X
Operation An operation is any money movement, in or out of an account X X
Category A category is a way to classify operations. Classical exemples include "Food", "Clothes", "Salary"... X X
Payee The payee of an operation is the person or institution who is the recipient (expense) or donator(income) of the money X X

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