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I am interested in compiling KDE SC on a stock ubuntu-server distribution in under 7 days, and then updating the documentation so that a new contributor to KDE can do this in under 6 days. I think the huge up-front commitment to build from trunk is a barrier to entry for new contributors.

Here is a list of documentation that I am consulting and working on. They are listed in order from, a place where new contributors can start, and is hierarchal based on hyper links. Action that is required is also included on this list. Ultimately, this should result in a runnable system.

Going with kdesrc-build

Latest problem with kdesrc-build method

Kernel panic during git update on qt-copy


I also read that you wanted to know how long the build process takes for new comers. In that regard, I had a very hard and long time at first understanding the process of building trunk besides my stable KDE. I tried building it several times, but every time it gave some compilation errors in different pieces of codes. This was may be because of wrong bashrc that I used for settings the env variables for KDE_SRC and KDE_BUILD.

But after I got that clear (a friend helped me through), the cmakekde on kdesupport+kdelibs+phonon+kdebase took about an hour and a half, excluding the source-code download time (it took really long due to my slow internet connection).

Glad I could help! Considering the ENTIRE time, it took me about a month (I know its too long but I gave up every time it gave errors, and did not try again till a week or so) to setup KDE from trunk. And of course, I don't mind my response being put on the wiki if it helps. Actually, I just posted a small and simple walkthrough on my blog for building KDE from trunk beside the stable distro-provided KDE. Take a look, if it helps either,

-- Viranch

Choosing the Right KDE Setup

Official Release Stable from Source Nightly Build Trunk
For the casual user, or a developer who is working on applications outside of KDE SC For application developers or package managers who are not modifying the core of KDE SC For core KDE developers that want to spend less time compiling For developers working on core KDE SC functionality
See a list of KDE SC versions that are available from your distribution. This will install all prerequisites you need and will provide a fully functional system. Most distributions have "developer packages" available which allow you to compile KDE software against the version of KDE SC you are running.

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