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I am interested in compiling KDE SC on a stock ubuntu-server distribution in under 7 days, and then updating the documentation so that a new contributor to KDE can do this in under 6 days. I think the huge up-front commitment to build from trunk is a barrier to entry for new contributors.

Here is a list of documentation that I am consulting and working on. They are listed in order from, a place where new contributors can start, and is hierarchal based on hyper links. Action that is required is also included on this list. Ultimately, this should result in a runnable system.

Going with kdesrc-build

Latest problem with kdesrc-build method

kde-devel@ubuntu:~/kdesrc$ ./kdesrc-build qt-copy Script started processing at Mon Aug 30 15:50:38 2010 <<< Build Process >>> Building qt-copy (1/1) Waiting for source code update. fatal: Unable to create '/home/kde-devel/kdesrc/qt-copy/.git/index.lock': File exists.

If no other git process is currently running, this probably means a git process crashed in this repository earlier. Make sure no other git process is running and remove the file manually to continue. Error updating qt-copy, removing from list of packages to build.

> Unable to perform a git checkout to existing branch master at ./kdesrc-build line 2027.

Unable to update qt-copy, build canceled.

<<< Build Done >>>

<<< PACKAGES FAILED TO UPDATE >>> qt-copy - ~/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/qt-copy/error.log Script finished processing at Mon Aug 30 15:50:49 2010 Your logs are saved in /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05

kde-devel@ubuntu:~/kdesrc$ grep -R . ~/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/ /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/qt-copy/git-checkout-update.log:# kdesrc-build running: 'git' 'checkout' 'master' /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/qt-copy/error.log:# kdesrc-build running: 'git' 'checkout' 'master' /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/qt-copy/git-fetch.log:# kdesrc-build running: 'git' 'fetch' 'origin' /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-status:qt-copy: Failed on update. /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:Script started processing at g[Mon Aug 30 15:50:38 2010] /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:<<< Build Process >>> /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:Building g[qt-copy] (1/1) /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log: Waiting for source code update. /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:<<< Build Done >>> /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log: /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:r[b[<<< PACKAGES FAILED TO UPDATE >>>] /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:r[qt-copy] - g[~/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/qt-copy/error.log] /home/kde-devel/kdesrc/log/2010-08-30-05/build-log:r[Script finished processing at g[Mon Aug 30 15:50:49 2010]

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