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todo: integrate (+ validate for kde4) those pages into sane locations ;)

  • Common Programming Mistakes
hey, the first one we have not ported yet. should be moved for kde4 into Development/Tutorials (TODO)
Thinking more about it, it could be an extension of Policies/Library_Code_Policy, i.e. as subpage like Policies/Library_Code_Policy/Common Mistakes (although it's not only about libraries...)
  • KDE Developer's Checklist
looks very old. if migrated, please fix it for kde3 or even kde4 (TODO)
  • What is Scripty?
indeed a TODO :)


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Status Project Description Contact
DONE Kate Refactor some code. contact
IN PROGRESS Kate Separate more functionality from KateDocument. Bla bla... Contact
TODO Kate Fix the code completion interface. Contact

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