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see: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/index.html
see: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/index.html
= Contribute to KDE TechBase =
You are welcome to contribute to the KDE TechBase wiki. In order to keep a high quality of the articles there are some guidelines you should follow.
== What Content belongs into KDE TechBase ==
The KDE TechBase wiki is meant to contain technical information all around KDE, for instance
* Developer Information (e.g. [[Development/Tutorials|tutorials]])
* documentation for [[SysAdmin|System Administrator]]
* policies and schedules
* etc.
More details can be found in the article [[Help:Wiki Structure]]. [http://docs.kde.org End-user documentation] or [http://api.kde.org API documentation] should ''not'' be added here. For non-technical use cases use the [http://wiki.kde.org KDE wiki].
== Where to put new Articles ==
The KDE TechBase wiki uses subpages. Take a quick look at the article about the [[Help:Wiki Structure]]. In short: Do not randomly add toplevel pages.
It is possible to translate KDE TechBase articles into other languages. Read the article about [[Help:Wiki Translation]] for further details.
== The Procedure ==
You want to add new content. To keep high quality, please create the article in your userpage first (e.g. User:foo/My Acticle). Once it is ready, discuss the article with other developers and proof-read it. Finally, if a location is found, move the page.
After moving the page please '''add yourself to the watch list''' by clicking the ''Watch'' register. You will get a notice by mail whenever the page changes.

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todo: integrate (+ validate for kde4) those pages into sane locations ;)

  • Common Programming Mistakes
hey, the first one we have not ported yet. should be moved for kde4 into Development/Tutorials (TODO)
Thinking more about it, it could be an extension of Policies/Library_Code_Policy, i.e. as subpage like Policies/Library_Code_Policy/Common Mistakes (although it's not only about libraries...)
  • KDE Developer's Checklist
look svery old. if migrated, please fix it for kde3 or even kde4 (TODO)
  • What is Scripty?
indeed a TODO :)

see: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/other/index.html

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.
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