(unrelated development schedule: Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Beta_Goals)

all parts of the KDE libraries need tutorial documentation. this is a survey. (note: the lists of modules could be taken from a release doc or something.....) tutorials should answer: "why would I use KDE over just QT?"

pillars of KDE

  • Solid: getting info about hardware
  • Phonon: use audio and video in your app
  • Strigi: find data. also how to let strigi use your filetype
  • Plasma: creating a new desktop paradigm
  • Nepomuk: relation to Strigi? file metainfo, relationships
  • Decibel: connecting to other people
  • Akonadi: communcations storage backend
  • Oxygen: devs need to know how to access all of the icon and sound that this team has put together. (and maybe know how to give feedbacks or make commissions.) there should be doc about doing for yourself what the Oxygen team does

everyday tech

  • Hello World: this is the simplest KDE app; proves your dev environment is working and gives you confidence to continue coding!
    • There is a dialog* CMake: how to create your own app; and plug in other libraries
  • KActions: setting up menus, toolbars, and accelerators
  • QT Designer: designing a widget-based interface
  • KConfigXT: persistent app config data. making the settings dialog. using the settings
  • KPixmapCache:
  • KIO: tranparent file access. how does it work with the QT libraries?


  • job progress
  • D-Bus

PIM stuff

  • Khalkhi: contacts framework
  • KitchenSync
  • syndication etc.

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