1. With STEPS
217130 -- url plasma kopete ?

  1. To CHECK - who provides converttopng
kopete emesene bugs -> upstream sf ?? -- split -- qt klocale 4.3.2?? dp -- downstream -- qt46 panel height ??? -- ???? phonon xine -- 199325 similar dupe 215369 -- reassign bindings -- proupstream -- downstream -- inotify folderview check steps -- reassign plasma -- qt -- maelcum

208921 look for steps

KRUNNER DBus issues

214478 -- upstream

214267,214136,213076 => 198421
confirmar -- ??

    1. UPSTREAM:
    1. DEVS dfaure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- maksim -- maksim -- dfaure dataloss -- aseigo -- Remove old code investigate

211153 new mapping? ask trueg
209996 -- MAILSENT## <- bugzilla html templates thn

202457 -- check with kompare

OLD seems fixed on 4.4 fixed, new protocol ?? Added comment check ?? invalid fixed, search dupe? closed, New, analizado , mime detection bug OTF = font or OOo Template double check NEW valid double check and fix NEW valid, patch proposed, asked maintainer double check fixed :D upstream-- spell backend? double check could be NEW. asking feedbakc invalid, "sync" api? check patch ksystraycmd new ok, kfilewidget, check code, STRINGFREEZE the code is there, it is not working, bug. dfaure. NEW investigate fixeD? double check FIXED check NEW, merged, testcase check check test? double check test -- old- retest-- ask feedback -- check - easy fix patch proposed, asking feedback - check and search fix -- check and commit fix recheck... weirrrrd check!!! EASY check This is NEW application specific ? KRun , invokeBrowser ?? check kfileplaces bug? check A fix at KFileWidget could be tried. check WFM check and fix check check ask dfaure about proposed patch check WFM asking feedback check ? check close as invalid.. recheck? recheck check and review highlighter code check.. I think it is fixed

sorting bugs:

has related everywhere: look for fix

* bug #184408 proposed patch to be reviewed..

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