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* KDE users manual (kdebase-runtime guide) points to a KDE SC 3.x desktop
Refer to http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Documentation/KDE4_(health_table)
* karbon14 has no docs
* akregator has kdesc3 screenshots
* kget is the kdesc3 version
* knode has kdesc3 screens
* juk has kdesc3 screens and some old things
* kmix has kdesc3 screens
* kontact has kdesc3 screens
* krfb has kdesc3 screens and old code
* plasma guide could be updated to 4.4
* kde/quickstart guide points to kdesc3
* kde/visualguide points to kdesc3
* kdefaq points to kdesc3
* contact information should be updated for the new www.kde.org links

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