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User:DarioAndres/Old/Bug Triage of Common Issues in kdelibs

BKO "Group" Listing BugNumber :: Title :: More info (backtrace or KDE version)

Samba CRASH in Dolphin:

(maybe MAIN) 163824 :: Dolphin crash clicking on "samba shares" from "folders" panel :: KDirListerCache::slotUpdateResult (4.1.x & old svn) 168332 :: Crash when browsing a smb:// share :: KDirListerCache::slotUpdateResult 168050 :: Dolphin crashes when cancelling the password prompt for smb:/ shares :: KDirListerCache::slotUpdateResult :: KDirLister::Private::redirect (4.1.x & old svn) 173008 :: crash after samba login with dolphin 173096 :: Dolphin crashes when accessing Samba shares from windowsXP :: (QUrl::operator=) KDirLister::Private::redirect 175513 :: Dolphin crashes on samba login :: Assert in KDirLister::Private::redirect 176696 :: dolphin crash on windows share login (4.1.3)

SMB:/ errors relating to encoding of files:

FiNeX is triaging this sublist

(MAIN) 158639 :: SMB KIO can't work with non-ascii file names 172840 :: dolphin and konqueror from kde4 don't open russian smb shares (it say's - file does not exist!) 173358 :: smb characters with accent 171819 :: Konqueror/Dolphin can't browse folders/windows shares/smb shares with characters other than a-z 0-9 168481 :: Dolphin cannot open folders whose name includes an accent on Samba shares 170213 :: Dolphin can not access files named with special characters in a samba share 171742 :: File or folder don't exist then browsing Samba share with Dolphin. 169781 :: samba filename with special characters access error

Dolphin errors related to encoding of files:

(maybe MAIN) 165044 :: Dolphin can't handle well files/folders with wrong encoding 162009 :: wrong encoding in message saying that file does not exist 175764 :: not deleting files with unknown encoding 159241 :: dolphin can't handle files with its filename not correctly encoded with current locale 165400 :: UTF-8 incompatibility issue with KDE4 / Dolphin 160072 :: handle invalid encoding can't open read directory file 167097 :: Dolphin can't manipulate files that have names incorrectly encoded

Toolbars errors (states not saved/ icon size and position changes) in KDE 4.0.x/4.1.x :

152266 :: toolbar icon size gets lost 168480 :: applications do not respect the size of icons in toolbars 167280 (dupe) :: toolbars of kde4 applications don't remember settings (icon size) 155889 :: Toolbar icon size doesn't persist

164555 :: toolbar is misplaced (regression) 165499 :: (korganizer) Position of the "Views" toolbar is not saved 167451 :: Configuring toolbars results in Orientation, Text Position, & Icon Size reverting to global default 168581 :: Unwanted address toolbar resize when opening a new tab in konqueror 170120 :: konqueror cannot remember user's placement of toolbars 176149 :: Location bar on different toolbar is lost after restarting konqueror

165205 :: Toolbars unlock while application is used 166815 :: locking the main toolbar not sustained in kate 175609 :: Toolbars always unlocked when restoring session

167659 (dupe) :: Konqueror Location toolbar position not saved 166984 :: akregator's kontact plugin doesn't save position of browser toolbar 171815 :: Secondary toolbars don't respect global text position setting

166202 (dupe):: Location toolbar slowly takes over all horizontal space 163772 :: Toolbar with textfield pushes toolbars with deactivated text out of the window 158698 :: Text Toolbars drift toward left and cover main toolbar 170353 :: Location toolbar gets partly out of the window

169282 :: The toolbar disappears arbitrarily

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