Cleanup of bugzilla product, components and default assignees.

-- Will close the products if the default assignee don't reply after a month

  • Generate better descriptions for the valid products (including the kde module)
  • Check open bug reports of closed bugzilla products


  • kdelibs
    • "kmdi" seems old/unmaintained (should confirm with Mail sent, waiting
    • "kspell" could be renamed to "sonnet" and may need a new assigne (confirm with Mail sent, waiting
    • "qt" could include an assignee working on NokiaQt
    • "kdesasl" seems old (confirm)
  • adept: bugs filed on debian bug tracker.. I asked the maintainer (mornfall)
  • akode: this seems to be an old library. asked the assigne (carewolf)
  • aki (app) & akiirc (lib): IMHO they should be merged (much as konqueror & konqueror/khtml)
  • amarok: may need a better description
  • binaries: do we still distribute binaries ?
  • daap kio: seems very old /unmaintained . I asked the assigne
  • guidance-power-manager: the app was confirmed to be unmaintained (jriddell). should we close the bug reports and the product ?
  • guidance ??
  • kab: one open report (for a kabclient crash (?))
  • kbabel: (replaced by Lokalize on kdesc4) I sent an email to both lokalize and kbabel maintainers/assignees... (to know if we should close the open bug reports and the product)
  • kcanvas seems like an old library. I asked the assignee assignee confirmed that kcanvas was integrated into webkit. Closing
  • kchat seems old.. assigne's email doesn't exist. CLOSED
  • kconfigure seems old. mail sent to the assignee
  • kcpuload is old, and its reports are closed as UNMAINTAINED. CLOSED
  • kde-bluetooth is replaced by kbluetooh (>=4.4) closed for new bugs. the open bug reports will remain opened.
  • kde-multimedia may need a revamp
  • kdeprint still has some open bug reports, even when that framework was deprecated, and the bug product is closed for new reports
  • kdessh seems old. Mail to assignee bounce Closed, bug report closed.
  • kdetv seems old/unmaintained, asking assignee. Mail sent The main developer confirmed that the project is dead. Closed product and bug reports.
  • kdvi has open bug reports, but it is closed and unmaintained (whom to ask?)
  • KExtProcess seems old (has old code in playground) . Mail sent to the assigne/maintainer
  • keystone seems old (no code according to lxr.k.o) . All the bug reports are old and closed. Closed for new bug reports
  • kfortune seems old, no code ( and no reports. Mail sent to the assignee
  • kghostview seems old, no code (, but some bug reports opened Mail sent to the assignee
  • khexedit2 seems like a dummy product, probably the initial name of Okteta. Mail sent to the assignee (okteta dev)
  • kimdaba seems to be the prior name of KPhotoAlbum (it has a few open bug reports) Mail sent to the assignee
  • klaptopdaemon seems deprecated by PowerDevil (and other tools) Mail sent to the assignee

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