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==on containment placing...==
===Original Text===
<tt>Currently new containments are placed on the desktop based on the screen affinity (e.g. "belongs to screen 1"). This obviously doesn't work well when we have overlapping screens according to x.org (lies! damn lies! ;) and it makes dealing with on-the-fly changes to screens a bit annoying. It also raises problems for adding new desktop-y containments which aren't associated with any screen.</tt>
<tt>This patch implements a (trivial, even mildly naive) system of laying out the containments in something of a grid-like pattern, slotting containments when they change in the first available space.</tt>
<tt>I considered going for a strictly grid layout based system (and even just using a grid layout itself) *but* the following considerations prevented me from going this route:</tt>
<tt>* I do want users to eventually be able to click and drag containments into (to Corona) random groupings (spacial properties)</tt>
<tt>* We are likely to have non-Containment items on the Corona at some point, Panels already have their own layouting system now, and so using a stock layout or any other such layout mechanism would be full of special cases anyways</tt>
<tt>* We are likely to have non-Containment items on the Corona at some point,</tt>
<tt>we are? like what? :) ....like an add-containment button, or are you thinking of other things?</tt>
<tt>random ideas i've had:</tt>
<tt>* add containment (or the "empty activity")</tt>
<tt>* a wandering personality (konqi & kaitie? =) that becomes visible when you zoom out and which you can interact with (educational and fun?)</tt>
<tt>* time of year easter eggs (sort of like google's logo changes on certain days)</tt>
<tt>nothing overly serious (well, except for the empty activity aka "click here to make another containment"), but i'd like to keep the doors open</tt>
[http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/panel-devel/2008-March/008665.html pannel-devel archive (2008-03)]
[http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/panel-devel/2008-March/008668.html pannel-devel archive (2008-03)]
[http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/panel-devel/2008-March/008678.html pannel-devel archive (2008-03)]

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