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Why can't I remove the toolbox?


The toolbox is part of the default desktop containment. It cannot be removed from this containment. However, a custom containment does not contain the toolbox by default, so all you need to do is create your own custom containment (or use one created by someone else: link?) which does not have the toolbox in it.

Original Text

Aaron Seigo

~ we stop this conversation right now, so i can get back to work

~ someone (probably me) finishes up containment setting and switching

~ someone creates a CustomContainment that lacks a toolbox (by default a CustomContainment doesn't have one)

~ you use that containment

see why i don't want to add a configuration option for this? because it's *not needed*. it's not rocket science to realize that adding code paths for something that has a proper set of solutions that have already been designed for from the beginning is stupid.

yeah, i don't expect you to have figured out that the answer is "containment switching, of course!" because that requires a deep understanding of the inner workings of plasma, which you have already said you're not particularly interested in to begin with.

while i don't expect you to have figured the answer out, i do expect you to stop arguing with me about it unless you have an understanding of the architecture.


pannel-devel archive (2008-03)

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