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Will there be other themes included with plasma?


Yes, the plan is to have around 3-5 nice, high-quality themes included with plasma. They will go in extragear in order to keep the size of kdebase/workspace down.

Original Text

Andrew Lake

Is there any desire to include a few plasma themes like we did with wallpapers and colorschemes? (Yeah

Aaron Seigo

absolutely. besides being nice for the users, this will help the developers keep on our eyes on variances in themes to make sure we don't break anythign too, too much ;)

i'd like to see these go into extragear, though, to keep workspace/smallish, under the same "essentials in workspace/, other stuff in extragear".

perhaps 3-5 nice themes would be a good target to aim for. your Aya theme is quite nice; i really like Ivan's theme as well .. *thinks* would you be willing to take on the task of looking for and selecting quality plasma themes for inclusion in extragear? (you don't have to, of course, it's just a question ... you seem to have an interest in this and an eye for it, though)


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