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There's loads of information about plasma out there, scattered over the interwebs, and most people have no hope of finding what they need when they need it. we need people (that means you) to go through the piles of data, pull out useful information, and organize it somewhat so that it can begin to be useful.

even if you can only spend an hour on this, every bit is helpful. I've tried to break up the process into manageable chunks so that several people can work on it without duplicated effort.

Data Gathering

the general process:

  1. go to the appropriate list [below] and reserve a chunk by putting your name beside it
  2. copy useful-sounding data into your note-taking app.
  3. sort it into categories.
  4. remove obviously duplicate info
  5. add it to the wiki via the categories page.
  6. mark it as completed on the list

Aaron's blog

the blog

reservations by month

month name status
2008-03 Michaelrudolph
2008-02 Michaelrudolph

mailing list


reservations by month

month name status
2008-03 grundleborg data collected. Now sorting...
2008-02 nobody

other stuff? perhaps?

there's some random stuff here and here

Data Review

once it's been rounded up, I expect it'll need a few rounds of cleanup.

  • remove duplicate information from posted data
  • move anything that falls into the wrong category
  • watch for copy&paste errors
  • further sorting?
  • minor edits?