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the meaning of cells in this table:

  • R: Required
  • O: Optional
  • U: Unused
  • nothing: not checked yet

after checking a plasmoid+feature, X-Plasma-Requires-<feature> in the plasmoid's .desktop should be set to one of Required, Optional or Unused.

  • Required: the plasmoid cannot do without this feature
  • Unused: the plasmoid doesn't use this feature at all
  • Optional: it has made optional in the code using isAllowed()

tips on checking for features:

  • anything in the config dialog doesn't count
  • FileDialog can just be grepped for - I'm not aware of anything that a plasmoid is likely to use that could expose it indirectly.
  • LaunchApp can usually be checked by grepping for KRun. there are exceptions, though - battery uses KToolInvocation::kdeinitExec.
  • it's always good to play with the actual plasmoid a bit if you can't remember every single feature it has.
Plasmoid FileDialog LaunchApp
activitybar U U
analog-clock U U
battery U O
calendar U U

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