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| U
| U
| R
| R
| U
| R
| lock_logout
| lock_logout
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| U
| U
| U
| U
| 4 (Can do nasty things; should check hasAuth in Pager::createnenu())

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This is a table of plasmoids vs. security constraints. they need to be checked before release, because we can't actually force c++ code to follow them.

the table's a bit ugly, but functional; if you're good with wiki syntax feel free to make it prettier. :)

the meaning of cells in this table:

  • R: Required
  • O: Optional
  • U: Unused
  • 1: couldn't check (crash or similar)
  • 2: too much effort (like, non-applet class needs to access Applet::hasAuthorization)
  • 3: way too much effort (webkit, urgh)
  • 4: low priority (doesn't belong on screensaver)

after checking a plasmoid+feature, X-Plasma-Requires-<feature> in the plasmoid's .desktop should be set to one of Required, Optional or Unused.

  • Required: the plasmoid cannot do without this feature
  • Unused: the plasmoid doesn't use this feature at all
  • Optional: it has made optional in the code using hasAuthorization() (see the comic or picture-frame for examples)

tips on checking for features:

  • anything in the config dialog doesn't count
  • FileDialog can just be grepped for - I'm not aware of anything that a plasmoid is likely to use that could expose it indirectly.
  • LaunchApp can usually be checked by grepping for KRun. there are exceptions, though - battery uses KToolInvocation::kdeinitExec.
  • it's always good to play with the actual plasmoid a bit if you can't remember every single feature it has.

TODO: a few of the 'required' entries for 4.4 could be made optional with a little work (weather, for example). we just don't really have the time.

Plasmoid 4.3 4.3 4.4 4.4
FileDialog LaunchApp FileDialog LaunchApp
activitybar U U
analog-clock U U
battery U O
calendar U U
currentappcontrol 4
devicenotifier U R
digital-clock U U
icon U R
kickoff U R U R
lock_logout U U
pager U U 4 (Can do nasty things; should check hasAuth in Pager::createnenu())
panelspacer 4
quicklaunch R R
searchbox 4
system-monitor U U
systemtray 4
tasks U U
trash U R
webbrowser 3
windowlist 4
folderview 4
bball U U U U
binary-clock U U U U
blackboard U U
bubblemon U U U U
calculator U U U U
charselect U U U U
comic O O O O
dict U U U U
eyes U U U U
fifteenPuzzle U U U U
fileWatcher U U U U
frame U O U O
fuzzy-clock U U U U
incomingmsg U U U U
knowledgebase U R
kolourpicker U U U U
konqprofiles U R U R
konsoleprofiles U R U R
lancelot U R U R
leavenote 3 3
life U U U U
luna U U U U
magnifique 3 U U
mediaplayer R U R U
microblog 3 3
news 3 3
notes U U
nowplaying U U U U
opendesktop 2
opendesktop-activities 4? U U
paste 4 4
pastebin U U U R
plasmaboard 4
previewer R R R R
rememberthemilk U U U U
rssnow 2
showdashboard 4 4
showdesktop 4 4
systemloadviewer U U U U
timer U U U U
unitconverter U U U U
weather 1 U R
weatherstation 1 U R