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Some of the things I'm planning to do are on the roadmap. some are only on my laptop, and will stay there. here's some stuff that I'm thinking of doing, but I'm not certain enough about it to put it on the actual roadmap page. there's a pretty good chance I'll never find time for any of it.

mix plasma and the screensaver

  • desktop containment that can display screensavers in the background
  • I want plasma on the actual screensaver too. I blogged about this before, and other people have had the same idea.

make a graphical timezone selector

  • I think I've seen such a thing ona gnome computer, and it it just made *sense*.
  • I'm not sure if this would be a plasma thing or a kdelibs thing.

attention plasmoid

  • when a task wants attention (ie. it would be flashing in the taskbar) this would show the task and get the user's attention.
  • this is useful for people like me who usually don't want a taskbar, but don't want to miss that attention request.

kconfig plasmoid

  • like the little kde3 applet - pops up a list of kconfig modules so you can go right to the one you want instea of clicking around systemsettings.
  • I find that when I actually do remember where the hell a setting is stored (like when I have to keep switching proxies), this kind of ui is much faster.


  • just a containment that can sit on the desktop and hold other applets.

multiple containments

  • unless aaron gets there first, I'd like to get a ui in place for adding and removing desktop containments. one just isn't enough!

keyboard shortcuts

  • having a crappy laptop mouse that's beginning to show its age, I really hate how inaccessible plasma is right now. I want to figure out a sane system for keyboard shortcuts that'll let me navigate around without eating up too much of the shortcut namespace.

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