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A quick intro for potential plasma contributors

  • Plasma uses kdelibs coding style. there's a file in svn that makes vim follow this automatically: kde-devel.vim
  • nontrivial patches should be reviewed before committing. depending on the content of the patch, this could be as simple as getting someone on irc to do a quick sanity-check, or it could turn into a full discussion about the pros and cons of various ways of implementing something. :) we have a review board to post patches to (sadly it only works in firefox), and a script to easily post patches. the original script and instructions for using it are on aaron's blog. note that the reviewboard url and path have changed since that post. if you're using git-svn, you will want the updated script, plus the script for producing compatible diffs.
  • our mailing list is plasma-devel (archives). the old mailing list was panel-devel. bugs go to a separate list, plasma-bugs.
  • of course, the rest of techbase has lots of important information about contributing to kde in general; you've read that stuff, right?

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