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User:Blauzahl/Who has helped on BugDays

This is not an authoritative or inclusive list and you are not required to put your name here, nor does this include everyone on bugsquad. It is for internal purposes only right now.

So I can keep track of you, I'd like to know:

  • Real name as you want it in promo material, and if you prefer not to be mentioned
  • Real name as listed in bugzilla (what goes into the commit digest automatically)
  • email addy you use on bz (shows in weekly stats) (obfuscate this, i just need to be able to tell who you are; the first bit is probably enough)
  • nick you login to techbase with if it's different, or irc nick if it's different, or bz login nick if it's different

None of this has to do with your SVN account, if you have one.

IRC Nickname Real name for PR BZ "real name" / commit digest email variants
Blauzahl A. L. Spehr A. Spehr zahl+kde transbay net zahl, -laptop
katastrophe mario tuling dont know :p kdebug iera de -
sahaqiel Rui G. ? raymurderer ª gmail º com sahaqiel_
Ramblurr Casey Link ramblurr unnamedrambler ª gmail º com -
tazz Gaurav Chaturvedi Gaurav gaurav.p.chaturvedi (at) gmail (dot) com gaurav
talavis Linus Östberg no idea talavis at g mail . com

btw: for the Seli bet, he shows up as l.lunak ;)

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