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A list of "high priority bugs" to fix before 4.2 was requested.

Here is my attempt to come up with something that is a reasonable setup for this, feel free to edit it.

You *need* to be on trunk for this.

Person | revision

blauzahl | memory of 4.1.8x

  • Bugs that are flash-related and could all be the same
  • Bugs that are javascript
  • Bugs that are CSS
  • Bugs you aren't sure what above category they fit into
  • High profile sites that have problems (list them!)(On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is useless, and 10 is almost perfect, where does it lie?)
    • Facebook (5)
      • Does it still have the error message when you follow a "tab"?
    • Ning (1)
      • Last I knew, this site barely worked. We have a test kde account (kde4lovers or something goofy, there is a bug report with someone who is willing to test it with you)
    • okcupid chat (2)
      • flash-based, apparently a mess in other browsers too; I don't think we have any reports on the rest of this site
    • (6?)
      • randomly logs you out, the menus get odd at times. haven't tested lately

blauzahl can talk to you for debug purposes

    • yahoo mail (?)
    • gmail (???)
    • (?????)
    • google maps
      • has errors in 4.1.x?
    • that french transit site
      • worked last I looked at it. always getting bug reports
    • look up the "most popular website in china"
    • orkut (????)
    • etc.

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