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* [[/Plasma/Tutorial|Plasma Tutorial Pages]]
* [[/Plasma/Tutorial|Plasma Tutorial Pages]]
== Plasmoid Tutorial ==
You want to write a plasmoid application, but don't know where to start, then this series is there to get you going quick.
:''Creating a simple applet with icon and text''
== Tags, Context and Categories ==
== Tags, Context and Categories ==

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Work in progress

Tags, Context and Categories

Why tags

The main difference between categories and tags

  • Tags should be easy to create
  • Tags should be easy to use
  • Categories carry more weight and thought
  • Categories should be limited they are used in dropdown lists


  • KDE
  • Projectnames
  • Waiting
  • On Hold
  • Fun

What is Context

Tags starting with the @ symbol, should always be sorted to top in lists

  • Allow you to group tasks to a location
  • No extra fields needed
  • Should not be required


  • @Home
  • @Office
  • @Phone

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