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KDE4 Issues

  • No admin button in system settings
  • GTK-QT not working, Firefox looks awful
    • installed gtk-qt-engine-kde4 and it appears in system settings, but has no effect on firefox, thunderbird, gimp, etc.
    • Other have this problem no solutions
    • Found that settings must be applied as root in system settings (see above), pidgin and gimp look right, but Firefox and Thunderbird are still in 1995 grey sqaure Got the scrollbars working by runnning the ubuntu version of Firefox, we'll see if flash behaves. Buttons have odd grey boxed around them still...
  • Firefox cannot properly set helper applications (ktorrent, okular, etc)
  • Cannot set khotkeys for media keys on logitech keyboard
    • khotkeys is "in a bit of a broken state" no known workarounds
  • Dolphin has no "Open Terminal here" option an icon can be added to the toolbar
  • Amarok crashes every time I run it (need to compile amarok 2.0)
  • Startup sound starts playing fine, and then gets cutoff
    • Phonon sometimes gives weird sound failing message
  • Surround sound does not work at all. Conflicting instructions on how to set this up, but no settings in KDE4 anywhere that I can see
  • Kaffeine and Flash appear to be stealing Xine from each other
    • (Kaffeine is working on a KDE4 release coming soon. Dragon player doesn't work/has no settings)
  • Flash randomly stops working in Firefox. It will start out fine, and then after a bit will only show grey boxes where flash should be. 64bit thing? Why would it do this? It seems this is a problem only with the official ubuntu firefox package. The mozilla package works fine
  • Dolphin has no right-click extract options ark can't handle this?
  • KDE tries to start applications I had running on logout every time I logout. I do not want it to do this!
  • The latest Kopete no longer works with google talk Others have this problem Pidgin works fine
  • Konversation opens links in some strange Gnome "Web Browser", even though I have specified an absolute path to Firefox in System Settings>Default Applications
  • Numlock unsets every restart!
  • There is no way to hide systray icons
  • There is no 'show desktop' icon on the kicker. Can I add one? Where?


  • Hide cursor when zoomed in
  • Ability to close windows when running the Expose-like "Present Windows"

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