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KDE4 Issues

  • Kicker clock should be 12hr (am/pm) not 24hr
  • Is there a way to safely turn off desktop effects if they are causing crashing? Like safemode? Or some sort of config file?
  • Can't add proper shortcuts to non-kde applications in menus or quick launch
  • No admin button in system settings
  • GTK-QT not working, Firfox looks awful
  • Firefox cannot properly set helper applications (ktorrent, okular, etc)
  • Phonon does gives weird sound failing message each startup, but sound works fine after
  • Cannot set khotkeys for media keys on logitech keyboard
  • Dolphin has no "Open Terminal here" option
  • Ark does not seem to handle tar.bz2 files (extracts an empty directory)
  • Amarok crashes every time I run it (need to compile amarok 2.0)

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