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This is a list of existing and planned videos for KDE 4. Feel free to edit it.


This videos are available at the link provided.

How to change Plasma Theme

Changing your Plasma Theme and getting new themes from the Internet using the Get Hot New Stuff feature.

Switching between Kickoff and Classic Menu

A simple video showing how to switch from Kickoff to the Classic Menu style, and a brief look at Launcher Settings.

Plasma ZUI

A small video showing off how (in principle) the ZUI can be used.

Populating a sidebar panel

A small video showing how a side bar panel can be created and populated with some applets.

Moving and resizing panels

A screencast showing how to resize the panel and how to move it around the screen.


  • Creating a folderview and editing a document (also showing network resources in this folderview maybe)
  • Switching on Composite, showing some effects
  • Using krunner for different jobs
  • Using kickoff (favorites, frequently used files)
  • Resizing the panel
  • Adding applets (both methods from the FAQ) and moving them on the panel. Also remove applets
  • Moving panel to different locations
  • Show special features of Plasma like dragging images and have them become Photo Frames