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* '''Format:''' OGG
* '''Format:''' OGG
* '''Author:''' [[User:Aikurn|Aikurn]]
* '''Author:''' [[User:Aikurn|Aikurn]]
* '''Link:''' [http://www.vimeo.com/1269897 Vimeo (Flash)]
* '''Link:''' [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bRMx7uLRhk YouTube (with annotations) (Flash)] or  [http://www.vimeo.com/1269897 Vimeo (Flash)]
==== Switching between Kickoff and Classic Menu ====
==== Switching between Kickoff and Classic Menu ====

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This is a list of existing and planned videos for KDE 4. Feel free to edit it.


[edit] Published

This videos are available at the link provided.

[edit] How to change Plasma Theme

Changing your Plasma Theme and getting new themes from the Internet using the Get Hot New Stuff feature.

[edit] Switching between Kickoff and Classic Menu

A simple video showing how to switch from Kickoff to the Classic Menu style, and a brief look at Launcher Settings.

[edit] Plasma ZUI

A small video showing off how (in principle) the ZUI can be used.

[edit] Populating a sidebar panel

A small video showing how a side bar panel can be created and populated with some applets.

[edit] Moving and resizing panels

A screencast showing how to resize the panel and how to move it around the screen.

[edit] Using the Folder View

This video covers basic features of the Folder View, like filtering contents, showing a remote location (FTP) and drag & drop support. This includes the creation of a Picture Frame by dropping an image to the Desktop area.

[edit] Planned

Add your ideas and suggestions here.

  • Switching on Composite, showing some effects
  • Using krunner for different jobs
  • Using kickoff (favorites, frequently used files)
  • Adding applets (both methods from the FAQ) and moving them on the panel. Also remove applets
  • Show special features of Plasma like dragging images and have them become Photo Frames
    • Drag&Drop of images appears on the Folder View video. Aikurn
  • Dolphin features. Adding folders to the Places sidebar, rating files, using the breadcrumb, etc.

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