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I'm currently working on the [[KDE_TechBase:Contributors#Spanish_Team|Spanish translation team]]. I also keep an eye on the English version of the pages I translate to keep the ''(es)'' ones in sync.
=== Translated ===
*[[Getting Started/Build/KDE4 (es)]]
*[[Template:TutorialBrowser (es)]]
*[[Template:Tip (es)]]
*[[Template:Note (es)]]
*[[Template:Improve (es)]]
*[[Template:Warning (es)]]
*[[Getting Started/Build/KDE4/Kubuntu and Debian (es)]]
=== TODO ===
*Done <s>Translate [[Getting Started/Build/KDE4/Kubuntu and Debian]].</s>
*Fix [[Getting Started/Sources/Anonymous SVN (es)]].
*Complete the [[Getting Started (es)]] series.

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