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K Desktop Enviornment Software Compilation [[KDE]] is the main user interface of Suse, Kubuntu, LinuxMint and is available for most platforms including, Linux, Windows and Mac. It is known for it's [[style]] and cutting edge user interface.
This is the [[KDE]] [[Wiki]]. The K Desktop Enviornment is a software compilation that provides the user interface for many Linux, BSD distributions. It is also available for Windows and Mac. We are known for style, code reuse, reconfigurability, research and for being free! Our software utilizes on Nokia's GPL Qt libraries, so [[development]] is easy, fast, and powerful.
  This is our [[wiki]] where we write down stuff to help each other.
[[IRC|IRC channels]]
[[IRC|IRC channels]]

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Setting up a KDE development environment
Learn how to get, build and run KDE.
Developing with KDE
API DocumentationFAQs and more.
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Code Contribution and Development Guidelines
KDE System Administration
Information for system administrators managing KDE deployments.
noframeJoin the KDE Team and Contribute
Contribute patches, keep in touch with and join our community.
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ISV Information
Developer information for Independent Software Vendors.
KDE projects
Links to development wikis, task lists, etc. for various KDE Projects.

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