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In which Aaron attempts to learn about and promote a specific feature.


A dynamically filled in selection box that allows the user to select which meta-data is shown in a file manager (Dolphin).

Example metadata: bitrate, encoding-methods, horizontal resolution, vertical resolution, horizXvert-area, polygon-count (for 3d models), author, number of pages,

Highly customized meta-data, a user would have to create custom ones on their own, but a template for helping people search should be provided, a "file includes text:" or regular expression. (granted this stuff would be slower than snot)

  • Dealing with changing files, if a new file is created or modified. in an area that is being viewed, we want to have the indexer get the info.
  • No false information, If a file is changed or just not gotten to yet, we want the meta data filled with something that indicates not known yet...
  • If information should be there but is not, we want a blank indicator.
  • We will probably want put the ones that people are more likely to find useful at the top of the list.. and not restrict use of most, basically just hide it.
  • We will have to determine how much of the meta-data to store permanently (in a database), and how much to throw away at each viewing of the directory. We will have to use the file-changed date
  • We will expressly want parent directory as a column, and be able to have portions of the file name be categories.
  • We will want to be able to sort in this manner:

root-directory-- mime-type, parent directory, size, file-name

Where we basically have directory like structures that are not directories. Where we show every file within a certain root-directory

Tools and parts


Strigi looks like it is the tool to gather needed meta-data


This looks like it is the tool that will hold the meta data


This looks like the way information will be shared between modules

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