Aaron Peterson lives in Washington State USA. and has contriubted to various wikis including one of the gentoo wikis and wikipedias metawiki.


Aaron generally organizes then polishes, Some uses may be offended by misspellings or hanging links to pages that do not exist, and making placeholders for content that he does not know but needs to know


Aaron will move content about and adjust sentence structure to get right to the point. He rarely deletes content, rather, prefers to move it to new pages.

Contact Info

Aaron generally cares a great deal about the projects he works on and would very much enjoy talking with people about things.

Telephone: 206 334 5925


Aaron has enjoyed using applications made in KDE and QT for quite some time, and has posted bugs, which in general are viewed as controversial and then later accepted as being a real bug. He would like to be considered a usability contributer and is attempting to set up a build environment to actually fix some of the behavior he cares deeply about.

Specific bugs and enhancements

  • selecting items in dolphin and konqueror / dialogs are over-engineered and while simplify some very basic selection capability, complicates general use of the program.
  • Single vs double click -- Aaron cares very deeply about accidental clicks activating programs, and would like to seporate desired appliacation behavior vs application use by creating a concept to make user interfaces easier.
    • Reversable-Safe-to-activate -- no-data-loss -- a button, single click, even moving a cursor over can trigger an event and this triggers no possiblity of data loss.
    • known-common-use - reversable - arranging content, a single button can trigger.
    • known-non-reversable
  an example would be a slide-lock on an iphone, a double click, or similar
    • known-dangerous
  a confirmation dialog/interuption of user is required.
    • unknown
  a confirmation dialog may be requried.


  • grid plasmoid for icons Seen in KDE3

  • show contents of directory--within a panel, not an icon to start a new window..
  • application plasmoids, task-bar like objects that organize application windows and documents, that stay persistant.. AND also provide taskbar like control ((all other implementations seen either are just like taskbars or completely hide content)
  • Note taking / journal plasmoid, that actually prepends to a simple text file. Saves like an instant messanger log, perhaps just instant message self in a note., (from anywhere) and have it save on the server.
  • In panel search -- The active user interface field is IN the plasmoid, so one less click. (first seen with IE4beta but then removed.. later seen in KDE3)


  • adding more columns /MoreMetaDataInDolphin
  • Adding a view that allows grouping based on metadata
  • Making Details be accessible in Icon view
  • Make an Icon view that can be rearranged, not snapped to a grid.
  • Make Thumbnails be in their own column/ make filetype icon still show up even in iconview
  • Make DetailedIcon view, where metadata gets shown in same tile as icon.

Other stuff cared about

  • Independant facebook like alternative -- standards based websites that people put up themselves (already a project)

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