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|maidis||Turkish||tr|| ||Yes||20130515
|maidis||Turkish||tr|| ||Yes||20130515
|pinqui||Russian||ru|| ||Yes||20130425
|pinqui||Russian||ru|| ||Yes||20130525

Revision as of 14:24, 25 May 2013

User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
vgezer Turkish tr Yes 20130122
marguerite Chinese zh-cn Yes 20130307
baalkor French fr No 20130314
ogdhekne Marathi mr Sometimes 20130411
ogdhekne Sanskrit sa Sometimes 20130411
ogdhekne Hindi hi Sometimes 20130411
ogdhekne Urdu ur Sometimes 20130411
prabodhcp Kannada kn Yes 20130412
maidis Turkish tr Yes 20130515
pinqui Russian ru Yes 20130525

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