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| Willem1||Dutch||nl|| ||No||20110830
| Willem1||Dutch||nl|| ||No||20110830
|JulienM||French||fr|| |yes||20110830
|JulienM||French||fr|| ||yes||20110830
|fanys12||Czech||cs|| ||yes||20110830
|fanys12||Czech||cs|| ||yes||20110830

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User Name Language Lang.Code Comment Off-line? Date added
Aspotashev Russian ru No 20110701
Yurchor Ukrainian uk No 20110702
Pipesmoker German de No 20110705
Claus_chr Danish da No 20110705
Caig Italian it Yes 20110707
Juanman Spanish es Yes 20110709
Fengchao Simplified Chinese zh-cn No 20110709
Sheedy French fr No 20110722
Phanect Japanese ja No 20110729
PingusPenguin Czech cs Yes 20110803
Fulapol Spanish es Yes 20110805
Urkud Russian ru Yes 20110805
Mielotxin Basque (Euskera) eu No 20110810
RazrFalcon Russian ru No 20110813
Centerlink Finnish fi No 20110820
Willem1 Dutch nl No 20110830
JulienM French fr yes 20110830
fanys12 Czech cs yes 20110830

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