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I wanted do add a link to the style guide. Is this the most recent version?


Update  ?!

I'm getting started with KDE4. I just want to know what KDED4 is, or what KTeaTime does. There is a but it makes no reference to KDE4 at all. Please someone add something at that web site for people trying to use KDE4, even if it's just

This is only for the current KDE 3.5 series of releases. KDE4 users, see X Y Z.

And I think similar disclaimers belong in prominent documents there like "An Introduction to KDE" and "The KDE User Guide". Those do not reference a KDE version at all.

Is going to be updated for KDE4? It's great to have all the handbooks and such online. -- Skierpage 22:49, 6 November 2007 (CET)

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