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{{Warning|1=编辑新翻译系统的原始页面时,可以看到类似<nowiki>< !--T:1-- ></nowiki>这样的标签,一般按段落分隔。修改内容时不要改变标记。删除整段内容时,请将段落内容和标记一起删除。新增段落时,不需要添加标记 - 修改内容进入翻译阶段后会自动加入标记。这是需要和标记打交道的唯一地方 - 系统会处理剩下的所有事情。}}

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{{Warning|1=When editing pages that are already marked for translation, you will see section markers similar to <nowiki>< !--T:1-- ></nowiki>. Usually each paragraph is one section. You should not change the markers, unless you fully delete a section, in which case you should simply remove the old marker. When adding new sections, you don't need to add marker to it – the marker will be added automatically when your changes are approved for translation. If you want to move a section, move also the section marker with it.  That is the only time when you touch the markers - the system will do the rest.}}
编辑新翻译系统的原始页面时,可以看到类似< !--T:1-- >这样的标签,一般按段落分隔。修改内容时不要改变标记。删除整段内容时,请将段落内容和标记一起删除。新增段落时,不需要添加标记 - 修改内容进入翻译阶段后会自动加入标记。这是需要和标记打交道的唯一地方 - 系统会处理剩下的所有事情。

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