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That's to be expected, but since translators can easily see only the changed messages, it's not a problem.

I've started work on this, but I ask your help with Projects/Nepomuk/Resources#Managing_Properties. The recent theme change brought about an anomaly that is to be corrected this week, all being well, and will impact on this section.

When we designed the markup originally we came to the conclusion that we would use colouration to differentiate user input and processor output. <syntaxhighlight> is the tool of choice where coding markup needs to be preserved, <{{Input|1=...}} is for commands or blocks of commands where that is not a necessity, and <code> is for short snippets of code, to be read inline. Since they are all input, they should share the same colouration. We kept <tt> for monospaced text without the input colouration, where we didn't want to imply that it is something for the user to type in. I hope this all makes sense to you.

The upshot is that when the <code> css entry is amended this week, I think the colouration will give an impression that is not your intention. I suggest that <tt> might suit better.

I'm going to continue preparing for translation, but I'll not take the final steps until I've heard from you.

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