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Hi. You may recall that I wrote that on UserBase all translations using the old system would disappear as quickly as we could get pages onto the new system. TechBase has now started the same transition.

Why should you change? That depends on the purpose of the pages in question. On UserBase for instance we do have some pages that are basically guidelines for translators of a specific language. They will not be translated into other languages, so the issue doesn't arise. For the rest, where guidelines are applicable to all languages, it makes sense to have them in as many languages as possible. The difficulty here is in maintaining the old system - people reading in other languages have no idea whether anything has changed since their translation was made.

The new system depends on a Master Page being written in English. All changes are made there. When something changes the table of pages for each language will show that their page is no longer completely accurate (See the Translation Statistics link in the sidebar). On going to the translation page, the translator requests to see only untranslated messages, so it becomes very easy to maintain consistency.

Because the page you were working on has the i18n language bar, I assume that it falls into this latter category. If you would like some help to get started with the new system, do ask - there is always someone who can help on #kde-www, or you can leave messages on User talk pages. The new side-bar links under Translator Help Pages are worth exploring too.

Hope that helps.

    16:17, 17 July 2011