I added [[Getting_Started#Browsing_the_code]], lxr vs. api vs. projects.kde.org

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I was frustrated that the old Started "Getting the Source" section was removed, so I added something. I'm sorry if this messes up your plans to translate it.

I'm not sure whether http://lxr.kde.org is up-to-date. It presents a different module organization than api.kde.org or projects.kde.org. All of these have a [Search] button but they work do different ghins and produce different results, it's quite confusing.

While trying to find the source (for Strigi's Removable media handling, I'm still looking :-( ) I enumerated a lot of problems with the wiki(s) and fixed a few of them. The former probably isn't helpful, maybe the latter will be. Cheers.

23:45, 14 November 2011