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If I'm not mistaken you have started translating a page by copying the English, then changing each paragraph. This doesn't work with the Translate system. The system tracks changes in the English page and alerts the translator when he needs to update his pages, so it's important to do it using the system.

The first step is to use the link in the navigation panel "Get a Translator Account". Once that is activated you will see that some pages have "Translate this page" in blue above the title - if you need to translate a page that doesn't yet have that, please ask for it to be prepared.

Using that link you can see a list of messages (paragraphs) for translation. It is not necessary to do a whole page at once - you can quit at any time and come back to the page. I hope that helps. The system automatically creates the page for the language, in this case "Getting_Started/tr" - and you can use the first translatable message to create a Display Title, "Başlangıç_İçin". Please ask if there is anything you don't understand.

    Annew17:27, 9 December 2011

    I'm sorry for that inconvenience and thanks for the notification. Since I was away for a while I forgot that I should use the translation tool. Again, thanks for the notification.

      Doğan AHMETCİ21:09, 9 December 2011