In the color mapping of Breeze Palette wrt KColorScheme I see that Focus and Hover are systematically assigned to the same color. Is that true ? Has this been already committed ? This will cause issues in breeze right now since hover (=mouse-over) and focus are two distinct actions and very often only the color can distinguish between the two. Example: the 1pixel frame around editors full background for some buttons. This naturally can be fixed in the breeze style (using either different alpha channels, or different visual representations, such as frame thickness) but 1/ would need more work that is usually not necessary for colorschemes with different hover and focus 2/ will not work in most of the widget styles on the market (oxygen, fusion, etc.) that have the same issues

Any chance people reconsider and assign a different blue to focus ? (usually 'stronger' = more saturated)

21:11, 8 October 2014