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10:45, 24 February 2016 Jstaniek (talk | contribs)

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07:59, 5 October 2015 Kstingel (talk | contribs)

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I was having problems updating KDE (4.7) on Windows 10, I was unable to connect to my previously used source mirror - it's gone away

I managed to solve the issue by renaming the .kde folder to old-kde then running the latest installer (1.0.0) and obtaining the latest stable packages (4.10.x at time of report)

have only run simple checks, but all seems to be working properly so far

thought I should advise of the problem and my workaround in case others have a similar issue

07:59, 5 October 2015

Thanks, please ask on

10:45, 24 February 2016