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12:30, 5 July 2017 Tosky (talk | contribs)

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(Reply to == Compiling and installing message catalogs ==)
19:59, 2 May 2017 Ashark (talk | contribs)

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Consider some editions to example CmakeLists.txt in #Compiling and installing message catalogs section.

For ${LOCALE_INSTALL_DIR} var to be set, I added the following at the beginning:

   find_package(Gettext REQUIRED)
   find_package(ECM 0.0.12 REQUIRED)

Also I changed




otherwise it was not working for me.

Please, check that all is correct and then I will add it to page.

19:59, 2 May 2017

Ups, I apologize, I didn't notice the notification about this proposed change.

The first part is fine (the find_package ECM) but the rest can be simplified: there is a macro provided by KI18n (which should be searched as well) and called ki18n_install which does all the magic. See:

12:30, 5 July 2017