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In KAlgebra we have 4 main areas to use: the Console, 2D Graphs, 3D Graphs and the dictionary.
The Console:
* right click on the input, see the examples. Run them. In case that it's a function, call it. i.e. "fib(6)"
* see if the variables dock works. First column click adds the variable, second column edits (it feels really bad while using it, probably to be fixed).
2D Graph:
* Add different functions. The examples can be also found by right-clicking on the input. They are already unit-tested so what we have to try here is that the graph views feel responsive and fresh.
* Go to the variables tab, add a K variable. Also try if it works (i.e. add a K*5 function)
3D Graph:
* Again, add functions by right-clicking the Input and going to the Examples submenu.
* Test the GUI, make sure it feels responsive and comfortable to use
* Click the first operation, keep navigating through the operations using the down key.
* Make sure all of them have a comprehensible "Description" field, a nice plot and the formula is properly and comprehensively rendered.

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