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==Recommended Usage==
==Recommended Usage==

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Tutorial Series   n/a
Prerequisites   None
What's Next   n/a
Further Reading   n/a

Recommended Usage

To keep some sort of consistency to our wiki: if you're going to use this template, put it at the very top of the page, above any ==headers== (that will also place it above the page contents section) so readers can find the relevant info as quickly as possible.

Also note that this template will automatically add the page to the tutorial category so there's no need to do that yourself.


Parameter Function
series The name of the tutorial series this belongs to.
name Verbose(ish) name of this tutorial. Kind of a super short abstract.
pre Any prerequisites for this tutorial (try to order them sensibly and make sure they're links!).
next A tutorial or two which logically follow on from this (in the same series). Or a tutorial or two which make sense to move onto next.
reading Further reading about the subject matter covered in the tutorial

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